Heriberto Santana holds the world record having crossed from east to west the Iberian Peninsula!

From Banyuls sur Mer, in Roussillon, to Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia. Almost 2,000 kilometers of mountains, precarious roads, unmarked routes and with some bad weather weather conditions: humidity, fog, storms and a lot of heat. The feat of the Canarian Heriberto Santana is unprecedented: 26 days of intense physical effort to unite the Mediterranean with the Atlantic for its widest and most difficult part.

Heriberto is the clear example that it is never too late to achieve sporting challenges and personal achievements. In just five years, this canary has gone from running about five kilometers to almost 70 days in his last achievement.

That’s why, with his 39 years of age, he demonstrates that overcoming sports is possible at any time of life. “These are the feats that ‘crude’ physiology has a hard time justifying, but they help to understand the human endurance limit.”

It will be through training or through previous mental concentration, but Heriberto has crossed the Iberian Peninsula almost without disheveled. He acknowledges not being exhausted and, therefore, very satisfied with his achievement. But not for it, admits, that everything was easy “the heat took it very badly and for those parts I reached extreme temperatures that hovered around 45 degrees centigrade”. Add. Although the heat was not the only thing, the summer storms surprised Santana at 2,200 and 3,000 meters of altitude, with hail, lightning and fog that made difficult, even more so if possible, the routes at that point.

Heriberto Santana began on August 1 to tour the Pyrenees from east to west along the GR-10 trail, through France. Has accounted in this route almost one thousand kilometers with an accumulated difference of 147,000, climbing peaks of high mountain of 3,300 meters of altitude.

Those 900 kilometers, they were reached the 1,001 km of pure Pyrenees, by the cuts of paths by landslide, gradually increased the km, belong to the route of one of the toughest competitions of the world No-stop, l to Transpyrinea.

Heriberto had to carry an overweight of 12-13 kilos in the backpack between food and drink, “explains the ultra runner. Once in Irún (Guipúzcoa), it continued along the north coast, along the northern route of the Camino de Santiago, until reaching the Santiago Cathedral, the goal of the challenge.

Santana took full advantage of the cool temperatures at dawn to “squeeze” as much as possible, so that her rest was reduced to sleeping one to three hours a day. “I woke up at three thirty in the morning and with the light front I took advantage of the weather conditions of those hours”.

Heriberto was accompanied at all times by a spot, a satellite device, which recorded the route and the stops he made during the whole journey. In this way, his followers could track him at all times and see in real time his career on the website enabled for the occasion.

Along with the certificates that were collected along the way, which prove that the athlete was making the journey in just 26 days, adding a total of 1,800 km with 247,000 D – / +. The sporting feat became a solidary challenge , since the profits collected have been allocated to the Aldina Foundation, which provides comprehensive support to children, adolescents and family members with cancer.


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