The good weather arrives and with it the alternatives to be able to practice outdoor sports and enjoy nature. Increasingly active tourism increases, where users perform different sports, in some cases with a certain degree of difficulty, while enjoying the many natural landscapes that we have in Spain.

The paintball is a very popular sport in the last year. Two teams face each other, balls of biodegradable paint are shot with markers (paintball guns) of compressed air, equipped with monkeys, gloves, masks and camouflage breastplates to protect themselves and consists of reaching the adversaries to eliminate them.

Great Paintball Madrid, located in the Sierra Norte de Madrid, 25 minutes from Madrid Centros, has an extension of 150,000 square meters, 9 scenarios with plane, helicopter, tank, bus, boats, military vehicles, missiles, forests, forts, Towers, and much more. In addition, they have innovative equipment and weapons that are not used in any other paintball field.

This sport is totally safe and can be practiced by children from 8 years, since children from that age, until 14, do not use the same weapons as the older ones.

The Paintall, as we already mentioned, is a sport that improves social relations, since it is practiced as a team, with a minimum of 8 participants. The maximum that this company has received in a single game was 200 people. Last year more than 13,000 people stepped on its facilities, so that multiadventure Madrid is one of the best alternatives for this spring that can not be missed. Its services include Paintball for adults and children, multi-adventure gymkhana, gymkhana for children, as well as team building, events and group dynamics for companies.

A good alternative to enjoy with family or friends!

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