The kayak covers multiple competitive modalities. But it is also practiced as a recreational activity. That is why it is very popular for simple walks or fishing. In they have all the necessary material at affordable prices.

What is a kayak

Some people say that kayaking is a type of canoe. Others maintain that the kayak and the pirogue are completely different boats and there are those who refer to one or the other in an indistinct way. And the same ambiguity can be found with the activities or sports that these boats use: canoeing, kayaking, canoeing, etc. In any case, it is clear that in the kayak the paddler is sitting facing the direction of the advance and uses a two-blade shovel to propel himself. On the other hand, in the rowing boats, the oarsman sits with his back to the direction of the advance and uses an oar that always rests on the hull.

His origins

The origin of the kayak is Eskimo, used a long time ago, to fish and hunt in the Arctic areas. It was a unipersonal boat consisting of a wooden frame covered with skins. Over time it has evolved and has acquired different forms and applications.

Kayaking as a competition

Kayaking as an activity, also known as kayaking or kayaking, covers a lot of modalities. In the area of ​​competition, the track kayaks (speed), marathon and river sports kayaks stand out. The boats are characterized by being long and narrow to reach speed, which also makes them unstable, and they are manufactured with light, resistant and rigid materials. There are also sea competitions, which require boats to be prepared for marine surf, slalom kayaks, white water kayaks, polo kayaks and surf kayaks.

Kayaking as a playground

However, kayaking is not just a purely competitive sport. These types of boats are also frequently used for walks, cruises, fishing and diving. That is why it is often associated with relaxation activities. This type of activity is usually known as a Sit-on-top kayak, since the paddler is sitting on the boat. These boats are wider and slower than those of competition and are made of polyethylene plastic, which ensures resistance, durability and affordable prices.

In addition, this sport has numerous benefits. Breaking the resistance of the water to advance is equivalent to a rhythm of intense exercise. Not only strengthens the muscles of the arms, but also exercises the muscles of the legs, back or shoulders and, especially, trunk and abdominal muscles. And, of course, at the mental level it is a good way to clear the mind.

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