Special shoes and insoles

There are many reasons why special shoes are recommended. These are patients with diabetes mellitus, and just the elderly, whose age-related deformation of the feet does not allow the use of regular shoes, and adults, and children with flat feet, and pregnant women, athletes, overweight people, patients with certain foot injuries: big bursitis feet, arthritis of the joints of the toes, hammer-shaped finger, with traumatic damage to the feet, deforming arthrosis of the foot, clubfoot, heel spurs, hollow foot, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis and a number of other diseases. Try Saucony walking shoes for plantar fasciitis.

The effectiveness of the use of special shoes in the treatment and prevention of various diseases is explained by many factors: a special block gives additional internal space, the use of the insole contributes to unloading the arch of the foot, the special design of the shoe and additional adjustable fixation prevent injury to the leg. The block of such shoes does not squeeze a foot and does not disturb blood circulation. In this shoe, all the seams are carefully processed to prevent skin damage. Indeed, due to a violation of blood supply, say, with a “diabetic foot”, even small wounds on it do not heal for a long time, and in severe cases pass into the gangrene of the foot.

Special shoes can also be used for preventive purposes. It should be noted that modern models look very stylish. Special shoes are especially practical in the winter because a durable insole and a stable block prevent slipping on thick snow or ice, respectively, the chances of falling and getting injured are reduced.

Special shoes are especially needed for children for the prevention and treatment of flat feet. Thanks to the built-in arch support the arches of the foot are supported, the load on the muscles and the joint-ligamentous apparatus are reduced. The upper of the shoe is made of genuine leather, which allows air to pass through well. The sole of the shoe has the ability to easily respond to any movement of the foot. The existing heel groove stabilizes the position of the calcaneus and prevents the development of deformation in the ankle joint.

For various diseases of the foot, orthopedic insoles are widely recommended. They are performed on an individual order, taking into account the anatomical features of the patient’s foot. Orthopedic insoles support the arch of the foot in the correct physiological position, improve stability when walking, do not cause circulatory disorders. Thanks to their use, the feeling of leg fatigue is reduced, and the load on the joints and spine is reduced.

In our office, you can order individually necessary shoes and orthopedic insoles, as well as select special shoes from the available assortment.

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