Personal Trainers Equipment

Among the materials that should not be missing in the equipment of a personal trainer are the applications and personal training programs. But what are these software for personal trainers?

We talk about this essential tool for a personal trainer and we recommend several applications for it.

The personal training software are those programs or applications dedicated to guide any physical or health instructor to connect with their clients and, in this way, help them, either by showing them their progress, making assessments of their physical states, or establishing objectives, among other functions.

Among other features, these applications allow users to create custom forms through the registration of their data in a template. In addition, they facilitate payment by card using methods such as Paypal.

Within the scope of personal trainer, there are different softwares. The choice of a certain type will depend on which business model and what objectives each coach pursues.

Some software

Some examples of softwares for which bet from are:


It is a software created for both personal trainers and gyms. It is the leading platform in Spain and has a free version for 2 people. The paid version offers 90 days for free and without commitment of permanence.


You can create training projects and then adapt them to the users, who can see the assigned activities, images and videos. Both the coach and the athlete can use this tool at any time since the program is connected to the Internet. The price is established according to the users registered in the application.


This software has a mobile version and another for the web. The mobile version allows to see the assigned practices, nutrition and progress of the users. In the web format, there are several sections that give the possibility to create routines and plans, view payments or record information. In addition, Trainerup has a free version for 5 users but without advanced functions.


It is one of the best known solutions among software for personal trainer in the Anglo-Saxon field. It allows the administration of all aspects of user services thanks to its flexibility to set schedules, manage the relationship with users and, of course, communicate with them. It has an access panel that allows you to automatically manage the most repetitive tasks.

It also has a personalized mobile application with which the coach allows its users to book classes and pay their monthly fee.

Complete your training using these app’s for personal trainers, but remember, you should always have the opinion of a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Science

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